Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nut Tree!!!!

I find myself not posting because I have too much to say.  And when I try, my posts get too long.  So I'm just going to jump in as if I never left, and start with a post about the really fun day we had on Tuesday at the Nut Tree in Vacaville with my mom.  Because it was really, really fun.  We started with a lunch of pasta, which was honestly not that great, but then the kids noticed the big play area, and boy, did the fun start then!

As always, Tadpole's favorite thing ever was the carousel.  We have many carousels in our area that have multiple animals, but both kids always want to ride the horses.  How do they know that's the traditional carousel animal?  I have no idea.  Since there were not two horses near each other, and I was the only adult to ride with them, I talked Tadpole into riding a frog instead, which was easy since she LOVES frogs.  Why?  I have no idea.

Next was the train.  It was what caught the attention of the kids first, but it runs every fifteen minutes, so we had a bit of a wait until the next trip, which is why we did the carousel first.  While Tadpole could ride the carousel all day, Turtle would rather spend the whole day on the train.  Preferably in a red car, since red is his favorite color.  Which is a bit of a pain in life in general, since boy stuff is always blue, but we do our best.  Here is Turtle, SUPER excited about the train ride.

After all the fun, we had to end with a trip to Fenton's for ice cream.  They really have THE best ice cream and toppings in our area, so delicious.  And huge.  Turtle is eating a child's sundae in the photo below.  He LOVES ice cream.  He loves sweets in general.  Tadpole was cranky and insisted she didn't want ice cream, then changed her mind when she saw Turtle's sundae, and he very sweetly offered her some of his, which surprised me.  He's normally pretty possessive of his desserts.  He always gets "yellow" ice cream, and Tadpole always gets "pink".  They care more about the color than the flavor.

And that was our fun trip to the Nut Tree.

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