Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On preserving food

So the last two days before I left for Italy were filled with not only packing and cleaning but some major food preservation. I think I went nuts. Here is a list of everything I did:

1. Chopped and froze 4 large bags of zucchini
2. Chopped and froze 4 freezer bags of red and yellow peppers
3. Roasted, peeled, and froze one large tray of red and yellow peppers
4. Grilled two large jars of eggplant slices, preserved in oil and placed in fridge
5. Made two large containers of melon sorbet
6. Placed 10 butternut squash in the sun to dry out and preserve for winter
7. Canned 7 jars of tomato juice (yum!)

I'm looking forward to zucchini soup and risotto, peperonata, grilled eggplant, sorbet, and all kinds of winter squash recipes. Like toast with butternut squash jam and a glass of tomato juice on a cold winter morning (or a cup of herbal tea).

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