Sunday, May 11, 2008

A fantastic dinner

Loris and I made ourselves a wonderful dinner last night. Homemade tajarin (sp?) with ragu, peas from the garden, and red wine from Lava Cap.

First, the pasta. I made enough pasta for a large family, I think, because we had so much meat to make a sauce with, and Loris figured we could freeze some for lunches at work. Not a bad idea. This is pasta made with 8 eggs.

Loris made the sauce. The meat is local, organic, grass-fed ground beef from Bledsoe Pork at the Davis Farmer's Market. We've had lamb and pork from them before, and the meat is always excellent. In this case, he gave me the ground beef for free because I was inquiring about purchasing a share of a whole cow for the ever-finicky group of people for whom I've been investigating creating a sort of grass-fed meat buying club. But I digress. The base of the sauce is my home-grown, home-made, home-canned tomato sauce. This stuff is delicious, and I can't wait to produce more of it, even though we still have plenty left from last year.

Loris also made a vegetable dish, although I have to take credit for my beautiful peas from the garden.

He cooked these up with onions and potatoes, and it was delicious. I can't help thinking almost constantly that we are spoiled beyond belief.

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