Thursday, May 1, 2008


I picked the first peas of the season yesterday. How exciting is that!

I planted the peas right before i left for Italy in February, I think - the first week in February. I wish I had recorded it somewhere. I first soaked them in water overnight. I read a lot of conflicting information about whether to do this at all, and if you do it, how long to do it. I decided to do it, but to be conservative about it, so I only soaked them for 24 hours or so. I planted two short rows in one bed, parallel to each other, and one row between my last, struggling broccoli plants.

They did really well, germinated and grew nicely. They are a bush variety, not a vine, so I didn't plan to provide support, but they started trying to attach themselves to my other plants (and weeds), so I put a tomato cage on its side between the parallel rows, and used a little vine trellis for the single row, and a bit of twine to tie up the plants that were falling over.

Yesterday I picked enough pods to get a couple handfuls of peas. I shelled them, and Loris cooked up a delicious pasta sauce. The recipe is a bit vague - I think he said something about throwing a bit of anything into it. My best guess is that it is garlic, carrots, and peas sauteed in olive oil with bay leaves. I know he also added a lot of sweet wine, and parmesan cheese and a bit of heavy cream at the end. We ate it with rigatoni. Suffice it to say that it was delicious.

Update: Loris adds that there was also black pepper.

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