Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mushroom hunting yesterday was pretty fun. I mostly just followed Loris' dad around through the woods and felt useless. Kind of like when he took me fishing. The only really sucky part was when I slipped and put my hand down on a spiky chestnut and got all the little splinters in my hand. I didn't have tweezers b/c I decided to leave my pocket knife in Davis. We did manage to get most of the splinters out of my hand in random ways, though. The amount of mushrooms we didn't take would have cost a thousand dollars in the US it seemed. His dad was super picky and would only take perfect porcinis, even though there were lots of less perfect ones and other beautiful edible mushrooms, too.

Here's a photo of the one "good" porcini mushroom:

And these are some porcini mushrooms I found at the
farmer's market in Davis a few weeks ago:

Loris sauteed them with garlic, mint, and parsley:

And then added tomato sauce:

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