Sunday, September 23, 2012

Well, a lot has happened in the time since I last wrote, but I will have to be somewhat brief because the most exciting thing that happened is that I set out on a 12 mile run about ten days ago and around mile 4.75, I tripped, fell, and broke my finger. I walked across the street to the hospital (already pretty certain that I had at least one broken finger) and voila - a couple hours and 4 x-rays later, I learned that I needed surgery.

I had surgery on Monday. One metal plate, four screws, seven sutures, and one cast later, I am struggling along with minimal use of one hand.

I just reread the last post and am sorry to say that Turtle is still having big separation anxiety and sleep issues. I really hope preschool goes ok this week.

Things I'd like to write about when I can type faster again:

1. Tadpole
2. Turtle
3. Successes of my summer garden and thoughts for next year
4. Preparation for the fall/winter garden
5. The quiet book I am making
6. Food prep and preservation
7. Italian playgroup ideas

I'm sure there's more, but it will have to wait, because I need to finish cleaning up. Buona sera.

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