Monday, August 27, 2012

So much for posting more frequently. It's the end of August, and I'm ready for fall. I'm ready for pumpkins and apples and pie and hot tea and warm sweaters and cozy slippers. I'm ready for fresh air and cooler days and fires in the fireplace and soups and casseroles. Life has been busy but really fun lately. The kids are just shy of 26 months, and they're so much fun. They talk so much, and I look forward to seeing what they learn each and every day. We're working sort of half-heartedly on potty learning, and we'll see how it goes. The garden went pretty well this summer! As usual, the peppers burned. Next year I will have to remember to plant them in a slightly shadier spot. The roma tomatoes have done decently well. So far, combined with Candace's tomatoes, I've made 8 jars of sauce and I hope to make another 8 or so this week, which is not as much as we need for the year, but we also have another 8 or so from last summer, and I might get more tomatoes to can, as well. It's looking good. The zucchini took over, of course. We got a lot of great yellow zucchini, much of which I am freezing, and some light green zucchini, too. And tons of green beans, including a super-long vining variety that I want to remember for next year. The eggplant didn't do much, I was disappointed. The heirloom tomatoes did ok, but luckily we got lots from Candace so we were totally covered. We have tons of cucumbers. Way too much! I've been baking lots of focaccia and whole wheat bread, yum! I have lots of new recipes I want to try, too, like a potato and roasted corn chowder. This week, I'll try to post every day to get up to speed on life and the going's-on around here. I can talk about the marathon I'm training for, the kids' preschool, our extra-curricular activities, career ideas for me, the garden, my crafts, and cooking and baking! So I'll be back tomorrow!

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