Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am not a huge fan of IKEA, despite recently buying quite a lot of furniture there. I don't have any good excuses, although I did research ahead of time to make sure I was buying furniture that was made out of real wood rather than some weird, cheap material. And actually, I'm very happy with what I bought - it's sturdy, looks very nice, and seems like it will last me for quite a while.

I did get one thing that I am now in love with, though. Take a look:
This thing is fabulous. I can fit an entire load of laundry on it, indoors or out. I started drying my clothes outside on a clothesline two summers ago, but I've always had to use the dryer in the winter. Now, I've gone completely dryer-free. In the summer, in combination with my clothesline, I'll be able to easily dry 2-3 loads at a time.

My only real complaint is that it does take up quite a bit of space when in use, which is more of a problem in the winter when it has to stay inside. Small price to pay, though! I think it's already paid for itself.

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