Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

It's California. It's not supposed to rain in April.

The rain has me a little down, even though I know it's really good for the garden. I'm expecting that this will probably be the last rain we have this year, although you never know - for a few more weeks, anyway, there's always still a chance of rain.

It's still not quite warm enough to plant tomatoes, but I'm hoping to do it towards the end of the month. That's the big crop I'm excited about this year. I'll probably do around 24 sauce tomatoes (12 romas, 12 heirlooms?), and at least 6 heirloom plants for salads and other things. Maybe another watermelon beefsteak!

Sitting here, on a gray, rainy day, it's really nice to think about the sunshine, warmth, and beautiful colorful tomatoes we'll be eating in just a few months.

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