Friday, March 13, 2009

Grateful Post #1

I picked up this idea from another blog, which referenced the amazing story of world-class violinist Joshua Bell playing in the Washington DC subway, and very few people stopping to listen (I can't link right now b/c the site is down). The point was that most people, in their harried, day-to-day lives, don’t stop to notice and appreciate what is around them. This project is a way to try to force oneself to stop and smell the roses – and be grateful for them! I especially have a problem with this, so trying to do this as much as I can will be a way to connect to the beautiful world around me and stamp out pessimism and negativity in my life. It's called Grace in Small Things (or in my case, sometimes, big things).

My first list of five things is here:

1. Potato-leek soup! It’s SO delicious, simple, and healthy. I just had a big bowl of leftovers for lunch. Even better, I didn’t have to make it myself! (thanks Candace!)

2. My swimming pool. Now that the weather is warming up, I will appreciate this greatly. Since I don’t think I’ll be moving out of this apartment any time soon, I have to say that the primary thing I am grateful about staying for is the swimming pool.

3. Green hills. Northern California is gorgeous in the spring. I went biking in Healdsburg for my friend’s bachelorette party last weekend, and the dormant, gnarled grapevines were set off against a brilliant background of green grass and colorful wildflowers, including plenty of bright yellow mustard.

4. My bicycle. I’m actually not riding it today, but I am so thankful for my bicycle (as I believe I’ve written about before). It was a surprise Christmas gift from my wonderful husband (who probably deserves a gratefulness post all of his own) after my old bike was stolen. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received, because it is fun, beautiful, and I use it almost every day. I commute to work and sometimes around town with it. I take it for joy rides on the weekends, ride around to wineries with friends on it, train and exercise on it, and compete on it in triathlons.

5. Friends. I have not spent a single night this week without friends, and tonight will not be an exception. For this, I am extremely grateful.

6. Can I add a number 6? The music from the more recent version of Little Women with Winona Ryder. It is SO beautiful, and I don't mind at all when it gets stuck in my head. I chose the hymn from the wedding in the movie for my own wedding, too, so thinking of that music always reminds me of my wedding day.

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