Friday, March 13, 2009

Life in general

I've finally started exercising again! Yay! It's been pretty tough to get into a schedule, especially since my life has been so crazy and busy lately, and I have a lot of backlog to catch up on regarding bills, taxes, cleaning, organizing, gardening, and so on. Trying to simplify seems almost impossible, but I’m sure I’ll get there soon.

I’m really happy that spring is around the corner and it will be time to get outside in short sleeves and sandals, enjoy the weather, spend time in my garden, and visit the green hillsides of California before they turn brown for the summer.

I have a lot to write about the garden, including some experiments and projects I want to try. I’m thinking about taking up a friend’s offer to plant some potatoes at his garden, since I don’t really have enough space. I’m hoping to start a slightly more serious triathlon training program and pick a couple races to train for. Since we can’t seem to find a nice house to live in, I’m hoping to make my apartment feel more like a home. I’m hoping to get more involved in my community, although I don’t know how I will find the time.

Spring is the time for rebirth, so I’m hoping to get started on all the projects soon! And most of all – I’m hoping to have the time to keep writing about them here.

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