Monday, March 16, 2009

Grateful Post #2

Things I am grateful for this Monday, which is a day on which I am generally not a grateful person.

1. Fish from the farmer's market in Davis (and a husband who can clean it and cook it into a delicious meal).

2. New furniture that makes me feel like I have a new house. Having comfy chairs in our living room will hopefully turn out to be a good thing. All the new furniture also kept me busy all weekend, and got me to organize something like 75% of my apartment. Awesome.

3. Repurposing my old TV stand into a printer stand, which I've been wanting to get our home office organized. I'm brilliant. I had some black paint leftover from my sister's Christmas gift that I used to touch up the chips and it looks great. And the new TV cabinet is big enough for our living room computer to fit inside, and has glass doors which should cut down on dust.

4. A cat who can't decide which piece of new furniture she likes best, so she has to keep doing the circuit and trying them all, over and over again. It's so cute.

5. It's almost spring! I can't wait to start wearing sandals!

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